Panther Audio Aura DX4 Review

The Panther Audio Aura DX4 comes with gorgeous pseudo-custom transparent shells that give you a clear view of the internal components and wiring. On the right earpiece is an embedded silver-coloured brand logo. On the right is Panther in the same silver colour. I appreciate the minimalist design approach and it lets you see just how tidy the internals are. There is a single pinhole vent for the dynamic driver just behind the MMCX socket. The nozzles feature a triple-bore design with a sound tube leading to each of the three drivers inside. The 2-pin sockets sit flush with the surface of the shells. There’s really not much else to say about the build of the Aura DX4. As far as build quality goes these are excellent. There are no visible flaws or air bubbles in the resin shells and the clarity of the shells gives them a classy aesthetic.
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